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True Stories from Outback Australia

Central Station -

True Stories from the Australian Outback

"True stories from the Australian Outback, told by the people who live them."

Meet the men and women who live and work on some of Australia’s most remote cattle stations.

There are tales of mustering, stock camps, working dogs, rogue cattle and hard bloody yakka, but also the fun of a bush wedding or kicking back at a rodeo.

There’s the simple wonder of living in an amazing landscape, but also the downside: the ravages of flood, fire and drought.

And always there’s the inherent danger of isolation – times when the Flying Doctor came to the rescue, but also times when lives have been tragically cut short.

These compelling true-life stories show what outback life is really like – and why many wouldn’t live anywhere else.

Cattle Station Classroom

Client: Central Station - True Stories from Outback Australia


This podcast is for anyone who wants to learn more about the northern Australian beef industry – in particular, we are making this for the people who work in it.


Not everyone has the opportunity to attend educational programs, for a variety of different reasons, and lets be honest – the desire to come home after a day in the yards and sit down with a book and study isn’t that strong. As a self-confessed nerd, even I can admit  that  my best laid intentions fell to the wayside each time I attempted to study while working on a cattle station. At the end of a day all you want to do ereally is have a shower, eat dinner, check you have clean clothes for tomorrow, and go to sleep before it starts all over again. 


I’m hoping that by having  these lessons in podcast format, you’ll be able to capitolize on all the time you spend in a motor car doing bore runs, driving around the station, or even to town, to upskill yourself and learn more about our industry.

Station Stickybeak

Client: Central Station - True Stories from Outback Australia

This series was created to share an insight into why pastoralists do what they do, given their circumstances - whether it be location, country type, rainfall zone, infrastructure, ownership model, market or any of the many other factors influencing management decisions.

In each Station Stickybeak episode I’ll chat to Station owners and managers about a range of topics, broadly covering country, infrastructure, cattle, and people to show that there are many ways to achieve positive outcomes for people, livestock, the land and business.

Northern Australia Food Futures Conference 2023

Client: Northern Territory Farmer's Association

The Northern Australia Food Futures Conference is Australia’s leading event on agricultural development in the “North” – an area covering 53% of Australia’s land mass, but housing just 5% of the national population.

In this podcast series, we sit down with a range to guests to explore the 2023 conference theme, “Northern Myths, Realities and Opportunities” and provide a preview of the discussions that will take place at the event which attracts over 600 national and international delegates.

Our Territory, Our Future

Client: Territory Natural Resource Management

The Northern Territory is home to unique landscapes, flora and fauna.

In this podcast, we explore what landholders, community groups, industry and government are doing to ensure sustainable management of water, land, soils and biodiversity.

This podcast is brought to you by Territory Natural Resource Management - an independent, not for profit, organisation that develops, supports, and delivers projects to protect the natural resources of the Northern Territory and improve sustainability of all practices taking place.